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My top three picks at Index Dubai 2018

INDEX Dubai started back in 1990 and is one of the key events in the calendar to stay abreast of what is happening in the interior procurement world.  This year the team behind INDEX decided to include a September show into their schedule and I wanted to share my top three picks: Number 1  – Stephanie Design – Firstly Stephanie Ng is fantastic, she loves what she does, she loves the products she makes and every collection has a story.  From the aunties at Kuala Lumpur that now do her knitting to the automotive interior company that does her leather work.  I have to say I am racking my brain where I can have them in my home and I recommend that you check them out by clicking here. Number 2 – Maison du Monde and Crate & Barrel – I have to confess I am a big MDM fan as we have  store ten minutes from our French home so it is very much my go to for bits and pieces.  Both brands are …

Bring Zaya Nurai home

With such simple lines the design of the Beach Villas really allows the accessories to shine.  Here are a few things that you could use to do the same in your home: 1. Glass Carafe from H&M AED 79 2. Grey knit cushion cover from Zara AED 155 3.  Metal Tealight from H&M AED 29 4. The Artusi – Diamond Cage, Brass, Large light from The Bowery Company AED 950 5. Grey peated effect cushion cover from Zara AED 199 6.  Burr wood bowls from David Hutcheson POA 7.  Sit Pouf, grey wool from The Bowery Company AED 2,550 8.  Beni Ourain carpets from The People of Sand AED 2000-3200

Bring Culinary Boutique Home

The contrast of the blue wall tiles and the rose gold/copper metallic accents is such a modern twist that also gives a pretty feel to the ground floor of the Culinary Boutique.  The other day I was in at Dubai Mall and took a stroll, as I do on every visit, through the homewares level of Galeries Lafayette scoping out what is new and I was surprised by the number of rose gold metallic accents all within one store, a handful of which are here:

One option for your walls ….. Posters

Using posters instead of original artwork has become popular over the last few years and, to me, definitely inspires the idea of Wanderlust.  With the choices available it gives us a chance to represent our passions on the walls of our homes often very economically. I am coveting the idea of some large format vintage posters in boxed white frames on the dark teal wall in our living room.   When we travel I am always looking for just the right one. Not sure what it looks like but I will know it when I see it. Maybe showcasing some important places to us – New Zealand (well it is home afterall), Istanbul (my favourite city in the world) and Dubai (my kids home and ours for the last 11 years). Will keep you posted on what I find.   Now thinking about where you could find things that were similar – definitely check out these sites:

Pots, pots and more pots

Gardens and yards are one of those areas where you can spend a lot of time to get them just right and are not really able to take it with you if you move.  We are always looking for ways to personalise our home with moveable artefacts and for the outdoors one of the most powerful options, undoubtedly, is to use large oversized pots to create impact.