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The best balconies in Dubai

When I got the chance to visit the Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai in Business Bay I jumped at it as I had been aware of the repositioning that the brand had been going through globally and I wanted to see how this was brought to life in Dubai. I will fill you in on what I found around the hotel in other posts but I needed to share the guestrooms as they have the best balconies in Dubai !!! I checked out both the suites and guestrooms and they are gorgeous. The guestrooms are spacious, with all the bits I love about hotels, the crisp white linen, light streaming in the windows and a place for everything and everything in its place.  The carefully curated furniture gave a feel of visiting a friend’s new home and the art was simple, camel focused and appropriate for Dubai with a really fun twist.  It plays along that fine line of being a business hotel and one for leisure and I would be quite chuffed for a stay …

Backyard inspiration – 5 great ideas to create shade

In Dubai we have scorching sun for about four months of the year and whilst it doesn’t burn as easily as in other parts of the world it is still too uncomfortable to be out in it for too long.  The other thing we have in Dubai is great resorts so I didn’t have to look too far for inspiration on how to get shade into your backyard.  Here are five ideas for you to consider. 1. The Traditional – get an umbrella, the bigger the better and square ones tend to give you better coverage.  Think about what is most practical for your yard – a central support pole or one that is on an arm to keep the area below barrier free.  When looking at the colour coordinate with your existing furniture but don’t feel compelled to make it match.  Don’t be afraid to have a couple in your yard to give a wider coverage, check out the ones at the Sofitel Dubai The Palm Resort & Spa for this approach. 2. The …

A weekend getaway to Mumbai

There is nothing like organising a spur of the moment getaway and we decided that Mumbai would be the perfect spot for just that.  We booked our flights, a very manageable 3 hours from Dubai, booked our hotel – the InterContinental Marine Parade and got on our way. I had heard great things about the hotel and this rang true from the minute we arrived.  Welcomed in, our early check-in was available, we settled into our room quite quickly, grabbed a coffee and headed out to explore. The room itself is spacious, with fabulous views across Back Bay.  What I really liked was the timber floors and panelling – it gave richness to an intentionally simple room.  The bathroom was white/grey marble with a window into the bedroom to provide a feeling of openness an connection. Being walking distance to most key tourist spots was also a huge advantage as we spent two days wandering the streets – visiting India Gate, catching a ferry across to see the Elephanta Caves on the island of Gharapuri and having …

Our happy place …. Al Maha Resort

At key moments in our lives we have gone to Al Maha Resort to take stock of how blessed we are and recharge in preparation of a change to our everyday life, whether that be a new job, new babies it is the place that we go. Only a short drive from Dubai the resort is set in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and once you are in the heart of the resort you can see nothing but desert all around.  To get the full experience we always opt to park at the gate and be picked up by one of the field guides.  It is always nice to have a chat on the way in, find out what is happening in the resort and have things (and animals) of interests pointed out on the drive in.  This is where the experience begins…..

A weekend away at Zaya Nurai

I have been wanderlusting, thinking back to amazing trips that we have done and are well worth sharing.  A while back I wrote an article about our poolside time at Zaya Nurai Island and I thought it was about time I let you in on what the rooms were like. One of the refreshing things about the island is that the standard room is in no way standard – we were in a Beach Villa and it was lovely!  You are welcomed into a standalone villa that is very simple in design but shines due to the selection of textures and accessories dotted around the villa.

Bring Zaya Nurai home

With such simple lines the design of the Beach Villas really allows the accessories to shine.  Here are a few things that you could use to do the same in your home: 1. Glass Carafe from H&M AED 79 2. Grey knit cushion cover from Zara AED 155 3.  Metal Tealight from H&M AED 29 4. The Artusi – Diamond Cage, Brass, Large light from The Bowery Company AED 950 5. Grey peated effect cushion cover from Zara AED 199 6.  Burr wood bowls from David Hutcheson POA 7.  Sit Pouf, grey wool from The Bowery Company AED 2,550 8.  Beni Ourain carpets from The People of Sand AED 2000-3200

A night at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – Bucket List – Tick!

My husband and I have bucket lists – things we want to see, restaurants to eat at, bands we want to see live, and places to stay.  One of my places to stay was the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah in Dubai.  We always said before our time is up here we will go stay.  Well that time came around sooner than expected as a birthday with a “0” at the end arrived and I was surprised with a couple of days of relaxation at this iconic hotel.  My husband planned it all and whilst I had an idea that this was the plan I could only guess the details.

A family getaway to Zanzibar

With the start of the year well behind us we get a moment to breathe and think about holidays for the year ahead.   This got me thinking about one of our favourites when we flew to Zanzibar on the spur of the moment. Not sure why we picked Zanzibar but so glad we did.  It is one of a handful of places we will return to again without hesitation if we get a spare week sometime.  As soon as we got off the plane, the pace of life changed and this was reinforced when we got into the hotel when the team just welcomed us in with open arms, suggested we get to our room, get settled and then call room service to save any need to venture out well after the kids bedtime.  This alone made me realise that the staff at the Melia Zanzibar understood kids and traveling with them.

Poolside blues at Zaya Nurai Island

The water transfer to Zaya Nurai was the perfect way to decompress ready to enjoy the promised relaxation, delicious meals and sunny shores.  We were greeted on the jetty by a few of the team and on our way to our room we were given a tour of all the key places to return to once we were all settled in. Our first stop was the main pool (we also had our own one infront of our room) and just look at these gorgeous gardens and blue upholstery accents to reflect the water around us.