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The best balconies in Dubai

When I got the chance to visit the Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai in Business Bay I jumped at it as I had been aware of the repositioning that the brand had been going through globally and I wanted to see how this was brought to life in Dubai. I will fill you in on what I found around the hotel in other posts but I needed to share the guestrooms as they have the best balconies in Dubai !!! I checked out both the suites and guestrooms and they are gorgeous. The guestrooms are spacious, with all the bits I love about hotels, the crisp white linen, light streaming in the windows and a place for everything and everything in its place.  The carefully curated furniture gave a feel of visiting a friend’s new home and the art was simple, camel focused and appropriate for Dubai with a really fun twist.  It plays along that fine line of being a business hotel and one for leisure and I would be quite chuffed for a stay …

Louise Sur Cour – a must stay in Brussels

Guesthouse by name, getaway by nature.  This four room guesthouse owned and hosted by the charming Dimitri Parimeros, who painstakingly restored every inch of the building over a five-year period, is a must stay if you are heading to Brussels. From the street Louise Sur Cour looks like any other residence on the road but when you step through the over height doors it is something else.  You are greeted immediately by one of Dimitri’s own contemporary resin/fibre optic sculptures before entering into the main living room where you can enjoy a book in the sitting area and take breakfast in the large dining space.  As soon as we arrived Dimitri was kind enough to share with us a map of Brussels, pointing out allsorts of places that he thought we might find interesting along with a quick call to a great restaurant for dinner.  As he shows us to our room the story of the house unravels and so do the tales of the interesting pieces that are within it. There is a stunning …

Design Notes …….. the smallest room in the house

From time to time I am planning on sharing with you some technical information about the rooms in your home and how we address them in hotels.  The biggest thing with hotels is getting the rooms that you have lots of right as a single mistake can be repeated 500+ times easily.  So I decided to start with the toilet, this guidance applies irrespective of whether it is within the bathroom or in a standalone room.