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Who to call on to add life into your interiors

Whilst pinterest is a rabbit hole of inspiration that you may or may not return from taking those ideas and turning them into reality can be a challenge.  Not only do we need the time to make it happen but having someone with a talented design eye help you do it can often mean the difference between like and love.

There are three great layers of support that you can call upon to bring those pinterest images to life in your own spaces.  The first being a friend who has a great eye, the second is an Interior Designer (called Interior Architect in some countries) and the third is an Interior Stylist.  When is it a good idea to reach out to each of these? My thoughts are:

  1. A friend who has a great eye – you definitely don’t have to be trained to have style.  If you have an idea of what you want and just want some advice on where to source particular things then asking a friend who has a similar aesthetic to you is a great way to go – they are likely to know all the shops that stock the types of things you are looking for.  Taking that one step further in this age of social media there are great groups in the likes of Facebook where you can share an image of what you are wanting and you will have the advice from possibly hundreds on where to find it.
  2. Interior Designer / Architect – these professionals are worth their weight in gold when you are looking to make extensive changes to the way your space is utilised or if you want to change the materials used throughout your home.  The skill of being able to visualise spaces and how they work in 3D is a talent that can not be fudged, combine that with the ability to deliver any aesthetic that a client requests makes for a comprehensive service.  Working with an interior designer is perfect for people who have just moved into a home and are starting from scratch in every room and for those who own their home and want to make changes to the way they live in a space.
  3. Interior Stylist –  engaging a stylist is like putting the icing on a cake.  If you are happy with the space you have, you like all the hard to replace materials but you need help to add colour, texture and decor to evolve the spaces into something that suits you.  Often stylists have a specific aesthetic and that is how you will find them – if you love something they have done before you are bound to love what they will do for you.  Working with a stylist is a great solution when you rent the home and can not do any permanent changes.

So whether you are wanting to make a tweak or major change to your home there is the right person out their to help you create a space you will love.

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