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Dining at Atmosphères – amazing food and views!

Now that we spend time in France each year we thought it was a good idea to expose the kids to as wide a range as possible of French food as possible.  That means anything from a croque monsieur to steak hache to something that does not really look like anything they have tried before.

This was one of those days when we wanted the kids to adventurous and try a truly delicious market menu from Atmospheres up above Bourget du Lac.  Only ten minutes from home I can’t believe it has taken us over a year to visit so I wanted to share our experience.

A very modern sleek dining room and terrace provides a simple and elegant setting for some amazing food.  With a private dining room to one end we had a perfect vantage point across the garden and view across Lac du Bourget back towards our place.  Also a good place to put a party of seven when three of them are 6 years and under.  It meant that the kids did not bother anyone and we could relax – which actually then meant that the kids were fantastic! funny how that happens.

The entrance had a collection of interesting and very instragrammable design vignettes whilst the main dining room was simple with greys and warm toned furniture.  So when we got to the private dining room we were a little more surprised by the bright mural on the wall.  I wouldn’t describe the design as cohesive throughout the establishment but I enjoyed the eclectic and layered nature of the way that the design had developed.  Everything was a conversation piece and the simplicity of the dining room really meant that the view and food shone through.

The team were friendly and quietly attentive.  The wine list was extensive, French and showcased wines from the Savoie and its neighbouring departments.  We had a sparkling wine from nearby Isere and a Savoyard red wine which were both delicious.

We went for the market menu which on the menu was three courses for us and two for the kids but of course it ended up being seven once all the little bits were added in.  Favourites were the confit tomato salad, the succulent duck on beans and the poached pear with pumpkin ice cream, but really everything was delicious.

Would I go back? 100% yes and I look forward to not waiting for another year before we visit again.  If we didn’t live so close I would have been tempted to stay in the boutique hotel above the restaurant as I could only imagine how amazing their breakfasts would be.  So if you are in the Savoie or nearby I highly recommend a detour to visit Atmosphères in the foothills above Bourget du Lac.

Atmospheres holds one Michelin star and the commentary in the 2018 Michelin Guide says that “The lake provides a sumptuous backdrop for this restaurant.  The chef builds on his classic foundations to make creative dishes with delicate flavours.  Attractive, paired-down and colourful rooms.”  For more information click here.


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