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Lighting up a little girls world

In the adventure of renovating a house by remote control one of the things I have had a lot of fun looking for online is wall lights for the girls rooms.  Here was my shortlist.

  1. Super cute bunny ears from Atelier Pierre
  2. Lightbox with super cute lettering from Maisons du Monde
  3. Opalescence from Cecile Chareyron
  4. AM.PM’s Fifi Box from La Redoute
  5. Ferm’s Living Cactus spotted at Amara Living
  6. Standout copper pineapple from Jasmine Living
  7. Haya wall light from La Redoute
  8. Seletti’s Hanging Monkey spotted at the Bowery Company
  9. Origami from Tedzukuri Atelier

What was I looking for in the wall lights? something that could take my littlest girl from 2 to 6 years old and another light that would be good for Miss 4 and 6 until they are about 10 years old.  Which ones did I end up picking? well watch this space as we put the rooms together and share the spoils of all our hard work.

Photo credits: the feature image is from Ekaterina Galera, the individual products are from the websites mentioned above.

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