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The best balconies in Dubai

When I got the chance to visit the Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai in Business Bay I jumped at it as I had been aware of the repositioning that the brand had been going through globally and I wanted to see how this was brought to life in Dubai.

I will fill you in on what I found around the hotel in other posts but I needed to share the guestrooms as they have the best balconies in Dubai !!! I checked out both the suites and guestrooms and they are gorgeous.

The guestrooms are spacious, with all the bits I love about hotels, the crisp white linen, light streaming in the windows and a place for everything and everything in its place.  The carefully curated furniture gave a feel of visiting a friend’s new home and the art was simple, camel focused and appropriate for Dubai with a really fun twist.  It plays along that fine line of being a business hotel and one for leisure and I would be quite chuffed for a stay for either reason.

Anyone who knows me knows that I like a wall between the bathroom and bedroom of any hotel room and the Renaissance ticks the box BUT for those of you who like to be able to sit in the bath and chat to the person in the next room the beautiful statement door rolls backs and gives you this too.  A long slim bathroom provides the feeling of spaciousness and the walk in wardrobe behind is a great touch meaning you could easily stay here for a couple of weeks and not feel like you are living out of a suitcase.

The suites were that next level of wow, but again beautiful in their simplicity and attention to detail.  I was a fan of the curved carpet – nice to see something that adds subtle interest to the floor whilst still defining the space.  The suites are perfect to relax in or to host a small group for dinner drinks or a meeting.  With their own butler entrances catering up here would be a snap for any event, and the views are amazing.  On the day we could see all the way down to the Marina and out to the Palm – just magic!!

And those bathrooms – elegant and generously large.

Now I have to talk about the balconies since that is where I started heading above.  The building itself was not originally designed as a hotel (I assure you that it is well designed now to be one) and once construction begins it is often quite difficult to adjust key structure so from what I can see the designer did something I have not seen yet in Dubai and created a terrace inside the guestroom for guests to relax in without having to go outside.  Lets face it if you are visiting Dubai in our summers very few people would dare venture out onto a terrace due to the heat and now they don’t have to – they get all the benefit of the view and loungey seating, to enjoy a sundowner from, whilst in their climate controlled room.  Fantastic !!!!  They are beautiful zoned with a modern take on Arabic metalwork and create a warm inviting space.

So my verdict on the Renaissance Downtown Hotel, Dubai is that it will be a great choice no matter if you are in Dubai for leisure, business or both.  More information can be found by clicking here and watch out for more posts that include some the stunning public areas and restaurants that I found when exploring the hotel.





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