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Louise Sur Cour – a must stay in Brussels

Guesthouse by name, getaway by nature.  This four room guesthouse owned and hosted by the charming Dimitri Parimeros, who painstakingly restored every inch of the building over a five-year period, is a must stay if you are heading to Brussels.

From the street Louise Sur Cour looks like any other residence on the road but when you step through the over height doors it is something else.  You are greeted immediately by one of Dimitri’s own contemporary resin/fibre optic sculptures before entering into the main living room where you can enjoy a book in the sitting area and take breakfast in the large dining space.  As soon as we arrived Dimitri was kind enough to share with us a map of Brussels, pointing out allsorts of places that he thought we might find interesting along with a quick call to a great restaurant for dinner.  As he shows us to our room the story of the house unravels and so do the tales of the interesting pieces that are within it.

There is a stunning full size angel hanging from the ceiling above the dining table taken from a church that was being demolished – Dimitri also rescued a set of stairs from the same church and has used them to link the kitchen to his mezzanine office.

He shares with us clever design ideas that he has incorporated including creatively using salvaged fireplaces as bedheads and feature walls, an entryway arch as a shower surround, majestic full height doors on one of the stair landings that in reality has a shallow cupboard tucked behind but truly looks like it will open to another expansive section of the house.  Every piece, artwork and detail has a story and I could have listened to them for hours.

The guesthouse rooms are designed to take guests through the eras that the house has lived through and whilst we were in the art deco Van Huffel room we got to peek into two of the other three as well.  The attention to detail and thought of guest comfort was fabulous, and a treat to see.

Breakfasts were an amazing way to start the day – belgian crepes with sugar, viennoises, cold meats and cheese, fresh fruit salad and yoghurts, the offer of eggs and delicious (addictive) bread from a local baker with a dozen spreads on offer.  All served with great coffee and lovely chatter offering advice for the day, more tales of the house and dinner reservations being arranged.

Whilst Dimitri is quick to point out that Louise Sur Cour is a guesthouse rather than a hotel we wanted for nothing and the care and attention that Dimitri was fabulous.  We will definitely return to Louise Sur Cour again.  For more information to stay click here and to see some of my favourite things to do in Brussels check out my blog post.

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