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The trifecta of comfort that helps you have a great sleep experience?

This is where my blog started – a simple question of why someone can sleep well in hotel rooms but not in their own room.  My response was that we have 1,000s of rooms so have worked out what works best, you just have one.  So I thought it was about time that I shared some of my top tips for your bedroom that we apply in hotels:

1. Air-conditioning or heating – if you live in a country that requires you to control the climate in your bedroom the ideal position of your bed is so that the air does not blow across the top of your bed where your head is as the airflow can be disruptive to your sleep.  Similarly putting the head of the bed on the wall opposite the outtake vent also can cause unsettled sleep as the airflow deflects down the wall and onto your face.  If you have the airflow coming across the head of your bed and can’t practically move your bed look at the vents and play around with the angles of the moveable blades to encourage the airflow to go to towards the foot of your bed.

2. Blackout curtains – essential to allow your sleep not to be impacted by the seasons and the lengthening of the days in summer (or simply the neighbours lights shining in your windows).  Choose a really good blackout fabric and ideally make the curtain bigger than the window itself by 20-30cm on each side and along the top.  Also make sure they are on a track that allows you to get around a 20cm overlap if the curtains meet in the middle.  All of this overlap reduces the light spill around the edges of the curtain.  You can also run a plinth across the top of the window and in some homes you will see small niches for the curtains to pull back into when open.  All of these help contain light spill but including the latter will depend on your interior style.

3. Beds – get the best bed you can afford.  Test out lots of beds and take your time selecting one, compare the spring count, materials layered to make the bed soft or firm and work out what suits you best.  As you go up from 3 to 4 to 5 star hotels you will see more springs, more layers to add softness while maintaining a firm core.  If you have stayed in a hotel where you have found the beds to be just right for you don’t be afraid to lift up the sheets and see who makes them.  Whilst mattresses and bases are often made to a specific hotel brand’s specifications the supplier will often have a similar one on the retail market or make you one to order.  If you have an existing bed that you like but feel it is missing that je n’est sais quoi invest in a mattress topper to add the same as a pillow top – we did this and my sleep has improved ten fold.

I have loads of tips for styling bedrooms, where to put things, what walls to make a feature, what curtain design to pick and I will share these soon but in the meantime have a look at how your bedroom is laid out and give me a shout if you have any questions or need some ideas on how to improve your sleep.

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