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Bringing Arrows & Sparrows Home

Whilst not all of us have a very industrial looking home we are able to fake it with introducing shades of grey to our walls and anchor furniture with black framework.  To then achieve the look of Arrows & Sparrows you could look at adding some warmer timber, copper and blue/teal touches.

1.  Dexter Crate from The Furnishop AED 165

2.  Teal Velvet Cushion from Urban Abode AED 119

3.  Industrial Pendant Lamp from Ebarza AED 550

4.  The Hanging Vessel, Carbon from The Bowery Company AED 375

5.  Metal framed round mirror from West Elm AED 2,250

6.  Classic Oval Café Chair in Oak from West Elm AED 595

7.  Stoneware Vases from H&M AED 79-145

8.  Bottle Vase #5 from The Bowery Company AED 225

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