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Design Notes …….. the smallest room in the house

From time to time I am planning on sharing with you some technical information about the rooms in your home and how we address them in hotels.  The biggest thing with hotels is getting the rooms that you have lots of right as a single mistake can be repeated 500+ times easily.  So I decided to start with the toilet, this guidance applies irrespective of whether it is within the bathroom or in a standalone room. 

Hopefully this is helpful for anyone building new or renovating their home, or for those who are just curious as to why this room annoys them given how little is in it.

Common mistakes:

  1. People not following manufacturers guidelines on height of the toilet bowl.  There is a guided height for a reason – it means most people will be able to use it comfortably.
  2. The flush button being hidden behind the seat lid when it is up.  Do we really want to touch the lid every time we flush?
  3. Putting spare toilet roll storage behind / below the bowl – this is the splash zone! yuck!

Design Notes:

  1. These rooms are small so you can either make a lot of impact through design or keep it very simple.  If you want to pick one wall consider either the one opposite the toilet or facing the door.
  2. The door – where ever possible don’t have the doorway facing directly onto the toilet, a little visual break is nice.  Also try to get the door to swing away from the toilet to maximise the space within the room.
  3. Toilet roll holders are best on the wall adjacent to the toilet as they can be easily reached without having to turn.  As a guide see what 70cm from the back wall and 60cm above the floor feels like to you.
  4. A wall hung toilet makes it easier to keep the floors clean and you can conceal the flush tank in the wall.  Keep the flush buttons above the top of the lid when open to avoid unexpected flushing.
  5. If you have an ablution hose pop it on the back wall on the opposite side to the toilet roll holder.
  6. Aim for at least 45cm between the edge of the door swing and the front of the toilet, and at least 90cm clear in front of the bowl.  Aim to have at least 25cm clear space either side of the bowl so you don’t feel squeezed in.
  7. Think about where you will keep spare toilet rolls, air freshener, toilet brush and reading material.  Whether that is in a standalone shelf unit, built-in joinery or a repurposed piece of furniture all will work.

Hope this helps with your next renovation and keep an eye out for the next design article where I am going to look at other parts of the bathroom.


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