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Bring Culinary Boutique Home

The contrast of the blue wall tiles and the rose gold/copper metallic accents is such a modern twist that also gives a pretty feel to the ground floor of the Culinary Boutique.  The other day I was in at Dubai Mall and took a stroll, as I do on every visit, through the homewares level of Galeries Lafayette scoping out what is new and I was surprised by the number of rose gold metallic accents all within one store, a handful of which are here:

1. Rose Gold Table with Stand U3 Tricolours from O’de Rose AED 3,300/460

2. Table Lamp by Le Morandiane from Mood Interiors AED 641

3.  Tube Audio Copper, Tube Clock Copper and Alarm Clock block copper from Mood Interiors AED 566/566/262

4. Pico Copper bottle racks from Mood Interiors AED 366-591

5.  Koop bowl on foot from Galeries Lafayette AED 114

6.  George Jensen’s Urkiola range from Mood Interiors AED 460-905

7. Table Lamps from Mood Interiors AED 1,083-2,167

8. Mix and Match Bandeja trays from Mood Interiors AED 1,921-2,517

9. Christofle Mood Precious rosé gold table set 24 pcs from Galeries Lafayette AED 6,360

My advice on using metallics in your home – try to do this through accents rather than a lot of fixed in items (unless you have always loved metallics), you never know when the fashion of using them will pass (it is a bit like guessing what colourways Apple will launch the iPhone 8 in – I see a lot of rose gold IPhone 7s around at the moment – including mine); be prepared to polish (unless it is coated) so find a good polish mitt and go wild every few weeks and be bold with where you use them and what colours you coordinate them with – don’t be afraid to mix metallics either.

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