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A night at the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – Bucket List – Tick!

My husband and I have bucket lists – things we want to see, restaurants to eat at, bands we want to see live, and places to stay.  One of my places to stay was the Burj Al Arab Jumeriah in Dubai.  We always said before our time is up here we will go stay.  Well that time came around sooner than expected as a birthday with a “0” at the end arrived and I was surprised with a couple of days of relaxation at this iconic hotel.  My husband planned it all and whilst I had an idea that this was the plan I could only guess the details.

Design Notes …….. the smallest room in the house

From time to time I am planning on sharing with you some technical information about the rooms in your home and how we address them in hotels.  The biggest thing with hotels is getting the rooms that you have lots of right as a single mistake can be repeated 500+ times easily.  So I decided to start with the toilet, this guidance applies irrespective of whether it is within the bathroom or in a standalone room. 

A family getaway to Zanzibar

With the start of the year well behind us we get a moment to breathe and think about holidays for the year ahead.   This got me thinking about one of our favourites when we flew to Zanzibar on the spur of the moment. Not sure why we picked Zanzibar but so glad we did.  It is one of a handful of places we will return to again without hesitation if we get a spare week sometime.  As soon as we got off the plane, the pace of life changed and this was reinforced when we got into the hotel when the team just welcomed us in with open arms, suggested we get to our room, get settled and then call room service to save any need to venture out well after the kids bedtime.  This alone made me realise that the staff at the Melia Zanzibar understood kids and traveling with them.

Coffee in the fresh and bright Culinary Boutique

So we decided to duck off sans kids for a coffee the other day.  We ventured not far from our home to try the beautiful looking Culinary Boutique on Beach Road, Jumeriah One, Dubai.  I had always thought this café would be a kid free zone but was pleasantly surprised to find it had a kids menu and classes for the vertically challenged at their cooking school.  So I was really asking myself why we hadn’t stopped in before because this café just feels right!  In my future renovated kitchen I want to include some of this place, that is for sure.

Bring Culinary Boutique Home

The contrast of the blue wall tiles and the rose gold/copper metallic accents is such a modern twist that also gives a pretty feel to the ground floor of the Culinary Boutique.  The other day I was in at Dubai Mall and took a stroll, as I do on every visit, through the homewares level of Galeries Lafayette scoping out what is new and I was surprised by the number of rose gold metallic accents all within one store, a handful of which are here:

Poolside blues at Zaya Nurai Island

The water transfer to Zaya Nurai was the perfect way to decompress ready to enjoy the promised relaxation, delicious meals and sunny shores.  We were greeted on the jetty by a few of the team and on our way to our room we were given a tour of all the key places to return to once we were all settled in. Our first stop was the main pool (we also had our own one infront of our room) and just look at these gorgeous gardens and blue upholstery accents to reflect the water around us.

My favourite meal of the Circle Cafe

So we are huge fans of food and eating out and when we travel we are always looking for that something different. This of course becomes harder (or maybe just different) once kids are on the scene however our trio have definitely eaten in some pretty cool places. But when I am home in Dubai, I love to break up my morning with a late lunch which is exactly what I did a month or so ago when I was in Healthcare City. I had walked past Circle Café a number of times but just happened to have some spare time and a desire for something tasty. So I settled myself in to a table near the window and with the winter sun streaming in decided upon this gorgeous Big Breakfast. This did not disappoint and with the inclusion of a coffee I was set for the rest of my day.  Everything was fresh and well cooked, the presentation was great and I loved the bowls (will definitely be adding something similar to my wishlist).  The service team were …