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Our happy place …. Al Maha Resort

At key moments in our lives we have gone to Al Maha Resort to take stock of how blessed we are and recharge in preparation of a change to our everyday life, whether that be a new job, new babies it is the place that we go.

Only a short drive from Dubai the resort is set in the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve and once you are in the heart of the resort you can see nothing but desert all around.  To get the full experience we always opt to park at the gate and be picked up by one of the field guides.  It is always nice to have a chat on the way in, find out what is happening in the resort and have things (and animals) of interests pointed out on the drive in.  This is where the experience begins…..

Once at the main buildings the check in process is very quick and you are whisked off to your suite.  On our first stay we were very excited to explore the entire property and joined in on all the activities, we walked the length of the resort, popped our heads into the spa and pool, which are all amazing, but on this visit we opted only to do a few things and spent most of our time in our suite enjoying the sunshine, gorgeous desert view and private pool.

That view is something that you just can’t get bored of, whether it be in the morning when the fog sits across the plain and wafts along the ground like dancers in a trance with the sun burning through as it rises over the horizon or at sunset where the sun sets behind you and glows across the landscape, it is simply magic.

One of the evenings we went on the sundowners trip where we opted for a four-wheel drive trip out to the dunes looking back at the resort where we could watch other guests coming across in a caravan of camels.  With glass in hand we toasted the soon to be arrival of our third lass as the sun burnt a brilliant orange filling the dusk sky with a stunning glow only returning to our suite once the sun had disappeared completely.

The suites are timeless in design, although I have heard a rumour that an update is imminent I hope it is not drastic, with a tented ceiling and beautiful Arabian touches to let you daydream about being on an Arabian adventure.  It is lovely to be in a resort where the eclectic approach to the décor makes you feel like you are staying with a well travelled friend.  Lots of curios to admire but done in a way that it doesn’t overwhelm the relaxing feel to the room.
Due to the relaxed nature of the resort, and that each standalone suite has everything you need you don’t actually see too many other guests unless someone happens to wander out into the desert in front of the resort or when you are making your way up to the restaurant for a meal.  The food is divine and the chefs go out of their way to accommodate unique meal requirements – one visit they surprised me with a birthday cake which was actually made of fresh fruit and homemade jelly which was amazing and perfect for the pregnant, food intolerant situation I was in.  Such a treat especially since unbeknownst to them, jelly is one of my secret vices along with breakfasts at any time of the day.  The other great thing is that you can choose to take your meals in the restaurant, if you fancy a break from relaxing, or dine in-suite.  The latter meaning that you get to eat with friends who like to wander the grounds.

We learn things with every stay – more about the flora and fauna around us; more about ourselves, our dreams and goals; and more about why we love to go to Al Maha Resort at those important moments in our lives.  This stay we learnt that staying two nights is perfect – that extra night gives you more time to unwind and appreciate the peace.  We will return and next time we may even try to pull ourselves away from the haven of our suite and try the main pool or even visit the spa (which we always say we will do but never quite get around to it).  It is one of those special experiences that we will cherish forever.

Al Maha Resort is part of The Luxury Collection and you can click here to learn more about the resort.

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