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A weekend away at Zaya Nurai

I have been wanderlusting, thinking back to amazing trips that we have done and are well worth sharing.  A while back I wrote an article about our poolside time at Zaya Nurai Island and I thought it was about time I let you in on what the rooms were like.

One of the refreshing things about the island is that the standard room is in no way standard – we were in a Beach Villa and it was lovely!  You are welcomed into a standalone villa that is very simple in design but shines due to the selection of textures and accessories dotted around the villa.

The entry way is generous and a half wall between wardrobes lets you instantly connect with the outdoor space and view across the water in front of the villa.  We instantly just wanted to put our swimmers on and dive into the pool.

The lounge, bedroom and bathroom are one large space running along the front of the villa so the views are calling you from everywhere within the space.  It is filled with simple lines, clever accessories and some of the best lighting I have seen in a resort in a long time – no surprise as the name of the resort, Zaya Nurai, is derived from the Arabic word Noor, meaning light.  What I appreciated was having a couple of different spaces to sit that felt quite different – the kids were able to lounge with dad while I curled up to read a magazine (my guilty holiday pleasure).

A few of my favourite things were the organic wooden pieces – I have been coveting the fruit bowl ever since the trip, the fun wooden ball just placed like so in the lounge, the brass light fittings and the continuity of using this on the pull handles for the cupboards and the calming rugs – simple palette but different textures giving a different feel to each space.

As far as taking the kids with us – I said before that the entryway was large and it was perfect to set up a rollaway bed and cot to fit the kids so that the rest of the villa did not feel disrupted by the additional bedding – quite a luxury in holiday accommodation anywhere in the world.  There were a few accessories that I moved just because it gave me peace of mind but other than that the room is very child friendly, bath was huge and lots of fun and staff were very kid friendly.

Now you might be wondering about the bathroom – that is another article as I loved it – so watch this space.

So we went to Zaya Nurai while they were still finding their feet, a couple of years ago, and we will return one day to experience all of the restaurants but from everyone who has been they are great.  One of the things I really like is that along with their Beach Villas they have Water and Estate Villas which are all 4+ bedrooms so the perfect place to have a family reunion as finding a resort where you can all be together can be quite hard without taking multiple smaller units.  This is definitely a point of difference for this property along with the fact if you are UAE based then the commute is less than it would take you to get to the airport and wait for your flight – you can get into holiday mode a lot quicker.

Zaya Nurai is easily reached by parking at their water crossing parking on Saadiyat Island and be whisked away on a short speed boat ride, more information and bookings can be found here.

Click here for some ideas on how you could bring a little bit of Zaya Nurai home with you.


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