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A breakfast to remember …… at Walnut Grove

Having lived in Dubai for over 11 years now I have seen a lot of change.  The latest change that I am really enjoying is the new development that is happening in one of the oldest parts of Dubai – Jumeriah.  This is our neighbourhood and so exciting to no longer have to drive to the other end of town for a bit more variety in places to eat and things to do.

So anyone following my Instagram will have seen I have been lurking a lot down in City Walk (biding my time until the new beach development opens just a few minutes from home) and I have really been enjoying the cafes, the open space and the fresh approach to design.

One of my new favourites for breakfast (any time of the day) is Walnut Grove which is in the heart of the new part of City Walk and feels very different.  Firstly, the team there are lovely.  They know their menu through and through and are attentive, in a nice way.  Secondly the food is delish.  As everyone knows I am a huge breakfast fan and could eat it at any time of day and these guys don’t disappoint with supporting my vice.

On this particular day I met a good friend to catch up and we decided to give Walnut Grove a try.  The menu had lots of the all-day breakfast favourites but with a twist.  She went very simple – scrambled eggs on a croissant, now anything on a croissant is good in my book and this didn’t disappoint.  Now I went for a bit more of an over the top option of eggs benedict served on top of zucchini fritters with deep-fried halloumi sticks to the side and a line of café-made dukkah.  Well I think this has just set a new bar in breakfasts for me and I will be taking Mr BWH back to get his verdict as he is an eggs benedict connoisseur.

The design of the café is fab with a really striking ribbed-timber tree like structure in the centre of the café that stretches to and across the ceiling in waves.  The use of natural timbers, greys and copper accents makes the place it a very calming space whilst keeping abreast of current trends. 

There are two great cake displays – the one in the centre, at the base of the “tree” is eclectic with cupcakes inside large domed glass covers, buckets of rolling pins and other bits and pieces.  The more traditional display doesn’t need too many accessories as the cakes do all the work – large multi-tiered cakes enticing you to buy a bigger slice than you really need – the cheesecake rainbow cake looks like more of an experience in its own right and one of the team said that no one has finished it on their own!

The coffee service is sweet, coffee and a wee cupcake (inside its own mini-domed glass cover) on a elongated tray adds a bit of flair to the delicious coffee.

So the verdict? We will return, on an emptier stomach in the aim to fit cake in too! and we will be taking some of that dukkah home with us.


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