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Bring the Zaya Nurai poolside home

Keeping to a blue and white palette inspired, no doubt, by the view from one of those super comfy cabanas gives a fantastic storyline to select all of the pieces within this part of the resort while keeping things feeling fresh and bright.  A few things that I have found to help this are:

1. Knots Outdoor Pillow from Crate and Barrel AED 179

2. Largo White Mesh Chaise Lounge from Crate and Barrel AED 2,299

3.  Mediterranean Blue Outdoor Lumbar Pillow from Crate and Barrel AED 179

4. Happy Flowers Grey Outdoor Pillow from Crate and Barrel AED 179

5.  Lattice Circle Large Side Table from Crate and Barrel AED 1,099

6.  Stone Stools from Crate and Barrel AED 559-569

Aside from the look of outdoor furniture and accessories the big things, for me, to think about are:

Materials – If this is going to be in be in full hot sun avoid metal furniture as it can get too hot to use.  For the longer term pieces, look for upholstery (both fabric and foam) that is intended to be outdoors to make sure it can weather the elements (both sun and water).
Storage – we all have a time of year that we don’t want either the furniture or upholstery out in the weather, consider if you have enough space to store everything or if you need to get furniture covers to protect things.
Warranties – Make sure big ticket items that profess to be weather resistant have reasonable warranty periods on them.  If manufacturers believe in their products you can too.


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