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Bring Circle Cafe home

The designer for the Circle Café kept the decorative pieces to a simple selection of glass, silvers and white with the odd coloured glass bottle.  I shared my experience at the café here and have found similar things online just in case you want to bring Circle Café home with you”.

1.  Darlington crystal clematis bottle vase from John Lewis for £37.
2. Grey metal lantern from Zara Home for AED 285.
3. Waterford Marquis Treviso Candleholders from John Lewis for £50.
4. Glass vase with silver edge from Zara Home for AED 79.
5. Jotun paint colour – Balance.
6. Small green glass decorative jar from Zara Home for AED 155.
7. Kilner vintage drink dispenser from John Lewis for £29.95
8. Cement candlestick from Zara Home for AED 155.
9. Hana lantern from The One for AED 199.

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