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My favourite meal of the day..at Circle Cafe

So we are huge fans of food and eating out and when we travel we are always looking for that something different. This of course becomes harder (or maybe just different) once kids are on the scene however our trio have definitely eaten in some pretty cool places.

But when I am home in Dubai, I love to break up my morning with a late lunch which is exactly what I did a month or so ago when I was in Healthcare City. I had walked past Circle Café a number of times but just happened to have some spare time and a desire for something tasty.

So I settled myself in to a table near the window and with the winter sun streaming in decided upon this gorgeous Big Breakfast. This did not disappoint and with the inclusion of a coffee I was set for the rest of my day.  Everything was fresh and well cooked, the presentation was great and I loved the bowls (will definitely be adding something similar to my wishlist).  The service team were nice and attentive when my coffee was drained – thank goodness.

Now the place was pretty quiet – after all I wasn’t really there at the normal meal time – which meant that I got a chance to look at the design of the café without people thinking I was peering at what they were eating.

The interior is a classic combination of dark grey and white trim accented with a collection of simple poster art bits and pieces on the bookshelf and warm lighting gave the place a lovely feel to it. Now I would have loved to have got my hands on the bookshelves and rearranged them a little just to create a bit more interest to the layout but for someone who likes symmetry and order it shows an option that might make you comfortable at home.

Now thinking about where you could find things that were similar to bring this look home. Check out my post here on Vintage Posters and my post on Bits and Pieces for ideas to bring Wanderlust home for you.

So I am not one to rate experiences on a score out of five but I can highly recommend stopping in for a meal if you are in Healthcare City as I really enjoyed both the food and the feel of the place. Not somewhere I would necessarily take the kids but perfect for that morning stop on your own or with friends. You can check Circle Café out here for more on their menu and other locations.

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